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the 100% difference
Our pure and mild natural soaps are 
handmade in the old world tradition with
100% certified organic vegetable oils.
Why? Because organic soap matters!
What we put on our skin matters. What we
dump on our earth matters. What we leave behind
for our children and our grandchildren...matters!

In addition to leaving your skin feeling
perfectly cleansed and superbly moisturized,
our handmade natural soap leaves you with a
clear conscience too. Freshly handcrafted
with real essential oils, wild and organic
herbs, and premium 100% certified organic
vegetable oils...we know how to raise the bar!

Sure, you can find cheaper handmade soap,
even prettier soap, but our discriminating
customers tell us they haven't found any
better natural soap! Because our family
has been carefully perfecting our wildly
aromatic natural soap recipes since 1995.
Organic soap matters. So go it
...take a wash on the wild side!
  • $500 order = 5% automatic discount
  • $1000 order = 10% automatic discount

"We love you and you're the BEST Soap maker in the USA...and I have been around the Biz for many a year...and been to many shows!! Nothing comes close to your expertise and knowledge and keeping up with the times...WE love you Maggie and 'A Wild Soap Bar'!!"  Debra Mangum, Patch Me Up                                                                  "I am a naturopathic physician and I just wanted to let you know how much my patients love your soap. One patient raves about The Wild Carrot Complexion Soap. She is currently undergoing therapy for cancer and she says the Wild Carrot soap soothes her skin, which has been irritated since beginning treatment. Thanks for supplying such a quality product" - Elizabeth in Columbus, GA

Have you hugged your soap today?

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